Make your big day as unique and special as you are.

Your wedding day is the beginning of your life together. Make it as personal as you wish.


I help couples throughout the entire Emerald Coast including Destin, Pensacola and Panama City, Florida plan non-denominational, traditional and unique theme weddings. You can work directly with me, as hands-on or as hands-off as you'd like to be. If you want the traditional "Do you take this man/woman" ceremony, then I will provide that service gladly. If you want to create a special, unique ceremony spun entirely from the heart, that works as well. Should you wish to leave the details totally up to me, I would be glad to take care of it for you. Remember it's not Weddings as I wish, its Weddings as YOU wish.

As you wish means just that, As You Wish!

I've married couples on the backs of Harley's and in full Star Trek costumes. I have had couples sing to one another, and even one where the groomsmen engaged in mock battle in full medieval armor. Whatever you want to do, provided you are willing to pay for it and supply the necessary equipment, and provided that you do not ask me to put myself in harm's way (if you want to be married skydiving, that's great, but I'm staying in the plane). I want you to be happy; anything I can do to make that happen within the confines of my religious beliefs, I am perfectly willing to do to make this day special and memorable for everyone.

Keeping Your Wedding Simple

Obviously, skydiving is not what most people think of when they plan their wedding, and neither do I. The most beautiful wedding I've ever officiated was on a windy day on an unseasonably cold stretch of beach, and only the bride, groom and I attended. Their traditional ceremony was decorated only by the incredible love they had for one another. The journey they had taken to be together made anything else superfluous. It is the only time a wedding has made me cry.

All that matters is what YOU want!

Your wedding ceremony can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish. I will help you design it and execute it just the way you want. Let's face it, the true wedding ceremony is what is happening between the bride the groom, God in His heaven, and not anything else. The flowers and the dresses and tuxedoes are just to make the pictures pretty and to keep your mommas happy.

That is why the only instructions I take, in regard to the ceremony, are those that come from the happy couple themselves. Getting a myriad of people to agree is impossible, so I'll try to prioritize your wants above all else. After all, I want you to look back on your wedding and say, "Our wedding was exactly the way we wanted it."

To learn more about a traditional, theme, or non-denominational wedding ceremony, contact me today.